We are so excited to annouce and show everyone our new and fresh look!  Our previous makeup and hair company, known for the past 7 years as DivazFabula, has brought us much success – but we felt it was time to clean up our act and bring you our absolute best.


blog1Why the change?
To be honest, we didn’t think anything was broken – until we received feedback that our logo and colors did not fit our reputation, character, and personality.  We’re a fun, high spirited, and energetic team – so we wanted our website to portray  that.  They say, “First impression is everything.”  So here you go. We feel our new look captures everything about us and more.

How did we come up with the new company name?
Well, it was a bit difficult.  We wanted the new company name to be unique and wanted it to be appealing to the eye.  We had a long list of names, and even had our guys chiming in.  One day it just clicked.  What better way to come up with a creative name than to have one that says it all:  MUAH (makeup and hair) and Co. (company) Beauty Studio.  But see we get 2 in 1:  MUAH (company name) and kiss.  Too perfect!  Our company is growing and we felt adding Co. would give that impression.  Our new company name is both fun and professional!

What was our inspiration for colors?
We wanted something pretty, classic, clean, and fun.  Picking out the colors was fun – as it helps express who we are.